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Annual smoothing : setting up my period
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Head to Settings > Location & schedules > your location > Modulation tab :

  • Click on "Create a period"

  • Select "Smothing"

  • Select the dates of your period

By default, the calendar year is selected, but you can personalize the dates !

  • Select the types of contracts to be smoothed (full time or part time)

  • Choose the teams to which you want to apply smoothing

  • Activate customization by employee : you can directly choose not to smooth certain employees, enter a start value and customize the period dates by employee (for example, if a new employee joins your team, but you want to smooth the hours from next month).

  • Click on "Create" to save

Good to know :

  • The default weekly working time is 35 hours, which is automatically adjusted according to your employees' contract times. No need to calculate !

  • If you apply the smoothing to only one team in your establishment, it will not be possible to create another modulation period for another team in your establishment.

You're done ! Yearly smoothing has been enabled on your account !

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