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Modulation : setting up my period
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Head to Settings > Location & schedules > your location > Modulation tab :

  • Click on "Create a period"

  • Select "Modulation"

  • Select the dates of your period

On Combo, your period can be from 4 weeks minimum up to 3 years maximum

  • Indicate the number of hours to be worked in a year for a 35 hour a week contract, by default, 1607h are indicated. The total of hours to be worked in a year will then be automatically be recalculated by your employees' contracted hours.

    💡 If your reference period does not run strictly from 1 January to 31 December of the same year, then the number of hours to be worked will not be 1607 hours for your specific period. We'll give you the pro rata equivalent of the number of hours to be worked by your teams depending on your period.

How do we find 1607h ?

Over a year, there are 137 days not worked (2 days of weekly rest over 52 weeks, 25 days of annual leave, 8 public holidays).

This gives 228 days to be worked (365 days - 137 days).

Of these days to be worked, we take the daily base of 7 hours, which equates to a total of 1,596 hours, rounded up to 1,600 hours for the year. To this value, we add the 7h solidarity day, which brings us to a total of 1607h! 🧮

  • Select the types of contracts to be modulated and indicate the ceiling and floor applicable to your full-time and part-time contracts :

    • Hours worked above the ceiling will be counted as overtime (or additional hours) for the week in question

    • If the employee works less than the floor hours, the modulation will take the difference of contracted hours up to the floor

Good to know : For part-time work, the default values are 130% and 70%. We assume that 100% corresponds to your employee's weekly contract time. So 130% is really equivalent to +30% of the contract and 70% is equivalent to -30% of the contract!

  • Choose the teams to which you want to apply modulation

  • Activate customization by employee : you can directly choose not to smooth certain employees, enter a start value, personalize the total hours to be worked and customize the period dates by employee (for example, if a new employee joins your team, but you want to smooth the hours from next month).

  • Click on "Create" to save

Good to know : If you apply the smoothing to only one team in your establishment, it will not be possible to create another modulation period for another team in your establishment.

That's it ! Your modulation is set up ! 🎉

Would you like to understand the modulation counter visible in your employees' profiles? We will explain it here 👈

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