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Tracking and managing my team's paid leave
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Once you have set up your acquisition period, you can monitor your teams' paid leaves from the HR tab.

Good to know :

  • The paid leave dashboard is only accessible to admins.

  • This dashboard is only for eligible employees. Interim and trainee staff are not included.

  • If your employees have a contract with no type or start date, they will not appear on the paid leave dashboard.

How to read and understand the paid leave dashboard ?

Go to the HR tab > Paid leaves configuration : (also accessible from the “paid leaves” section of the settings page !)

  • Select the location or team you want

  • Filter by contract type if needed : ongoing, inactive or all contracts

Good to know : The "search" function for finding a specific employee can be combined with filters (locations and contracts).

The board is composed of different columns, so let's take a closer look at each one :

  1. Employees’ informations :

    ‣ First name, surname
    ‣ Location and default team

  2. Acquisition period N-1 :
    ‣ Days acquired during the previous period
    ‣ Days taken from the balance of the previous period
    ‣ Balance remaining on the previous period (= acquired - taken)

  3. Acquisition period N:
    ‣ Days being acquired and updated over the months
    ‣ Days taken during the current period
    ‣ Balance remaining on the current period (= acquired - taken)

  4. Total leave balance including periods N-1 and N

  5. Counter activity monitoring:

    ‣ Monthly acquisitions
    ‣ Leaves placed on the schedule (manual or after validation by manager)
    ‣ Deletion of "paid leave" absences on the schedule.
    ‣ End-of-period rounding details
    ‣ Any manual modifications on counters.

How to track activity on the paid leave counters?

Once you've set up your counters, you can track the actions performed on them: leave application, leave deletion, manual modification, monthly acquisition, etc.

To do this, go to the HR > Paid leave management tab, then click on "View details" next to each counter:

The page is structured as follows:

  • Action date on the left

  • Action name in bold type

  • Description in grey

  • Impact on counter in blue on right (except for balance transfers)

Here's an example of the type of entry you'll find: July's monthly acquisition (+2.08 days acquired) is automatically added to the counter on 1st July (during the night of 30th June to 1st July).

Good to know: For manual counter modifications, the name of the person who edited the counter will also be displayed.

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