Tracking and managing my team's paid leave
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Once you have set up your acquisition period, you can monitor your teams' paid leaves from the HR tab.

Good to know :

  • The paid leave dashboard is only accessible to admins.

  • This dashboard is only for eligible employees. Interim and trainee staff are not included.

  • If your employees have a contract with no type or start date, they will not appear in the paid leave dashboard.

In this article, you will find out :

  • How to read and understand this dashboard

  • How paid leaves are acquired and deducted

  • How to modify employee balances manually

  • How to track counter activity

  • How to export your teams' balances to date

How to read and understand the paid leave dashboard ?

Go to the HR tab > Paid leaves configuration (also accessible from the “paid leaves” section of the settings page !)

  • Select the location or team you want

  • Filter by contract type if needed : ongoing, inactive or all contracts

Good to know : The "search" function for finding a specific employee can be combined with filters (locations and contracts).

The board is composed of different columns, so let's take a closer look at each one :

  1. Employees’ informations :

    ‣ First name, surname
    ‣ Location and default team

  2. Acquisition period N-1 :
    ‣ Days acquired during the previous period
    ‣ Days taken from the balance of the previous period
    ‣ Balance remaining on the previous period (= acquired - taken)

  3. Acquisition period N:
    ‣ Days being acquired and updated over the months
    ‣ Days taken during the current period
    ‣ Balance remaining on the current period (= acquired - taken)

  4. Total leave balance including periods N-1 and N

  5. Counter activity monitoring:

    ‣ Monthly acquisitions
    ‣ Leaves placed on the schedule (manual or after validation by manager)
    ‣ Deletion of "paid leave" absences on the schedule.
    ‣ End-of-period rounding details
    ‣ Any manual modifications on counters.

How are paid leaves acquired and deducted ?

To understand how your employees' paid leave balances will change, let's go back to basics !

For each of their contracts, your employees have a paid leaves counter, made up of an N balance (for the current period) and an N-1 balance (for the previous period). The balance is calculated by deducting what is taken from what is acquired.

👉 Acquiring paid leaves

During the night between the last day of the month and the first day of the following month, your employee acquires new paid leave. The acquisition for the current period therefore changes according to the monthly acquisition selected in the paid leaves configuration.

Let's take Mary as an example ! She works at Ana’s Loft, which has a monthly acquisition of 2.5 days. For the current period, on the night of January 31 to February 1, we go from 0 days acquired to 2.5 days acquired :

👉 Deduction of leaves

When an employee takes paid leave, then the paid leaves balance is deducted. The balance in column N-1 is deducted first, as this is the balance of leaves acquired in the previous period. The balance in column N is deducted as soon as the N-1 balance is at 0 days.

Let's imagine Abby has 4 days left in her N-1 balance and 15 days in her N balance. She takes 6 paid leaves days. We will deduct 4 days from N-1 and 2 days from N :

When a paid leave is indicated in the schedule, it will impact the "Taken" column once the due leave date has passed.

Let's continue with Abby, who had 15 days acquired in the current acquisition period. The 2 paid leaves taken on the 3rd and 4th February will appear in the "Taken" column on these dates, the 3rd and 4th February and will reduce Abby's balance.

How do you manually change your employees' balances ?

When you activate your employees' paid leaves counters, you may find that the balances are not quite right for you, especially if you started your schedules during the acquisition period.

This is perfectly normal ! Paid leaves counters are pre-calculated on current contracts, according to :

  • The employee's contract start date

  • The configuration of your paid leaves

  • Paid leaves that have been added to the schedule

If you change the paid leaves configurations, a pre-calculation is automatically made using the new parameters. The history and manually modified data will be overwritten by the new configuration and cannot be recovered. That's why it's so important to set up your acquisition period correctly from the start !

Our team’s advice ! Check the counters carefully the first time and make all the necessary changes! This will get you off to a good start right from the beginning !

To modify the counters, select your location and team, then click on "Modify counters":

  • Modify the "Acquisition period N-1" column if needed, for example if your employee has to have more than one year's seniority

  • Modify the "N acquisition period" column if needed.

  • Don't forget to save!

Good to know : The paid leaves counter is tied to the active contract. If your employee changed contracts and the previous balance must be kept, make sure you adjust their counters !

How to track activity on paid leave counters?

Once you've set up your counters, you can track the actions performed on them: leave application, leave deletion, manual modification, monthly acquisition, etc.

To do this, go to the HR > Paid leave management tab, then click on "View details" next to each counter:

The page is structured as follows:

  • Action date on the left

  • Action name in bold type

  • Description in grey

  • Impact on counter in blue on right (except for balance transfers)

Here's an example of the type of entry you'll find: July's monthly acquisition (+2.08 days acquired) automatically added to the counter on 1st July (during the night of 30th June to 1st July).

Good to know: For manual counter modifications, the name of the person who modified the counter will also be displayed.

How do you export your employees' balances to date ?

You can export your employees' paid leave balances to the present day.

By clicking on "Export" in the top right-hand corner, you can download an export file in Excel format, either for active contracts or for terminated contracts!

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