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How to delete a validated paid leave request ?
How to delete a validated paid leave request ?

If you have accepted a paid leave request but you have to delete it, it's possible !

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Has your employee changed their mind or have you validated their paid leave by mistake? No worries, it happens to everyone ! You can easily delete it :

  • From the employee’s profile

  • Directly from the schedule

Good to know: Deleting a "Paid leave" absence that has already been taken and accepted also deletes the days "taken" from the paid leave counter.

Deleting the leave request from the employee’s profile

Head to the employee’s profile > Time Off tab :

  • Select the request to delete

  • Click on "Delete time off", the request will automatically disappear from the profile and the schedule !

Deleting a leave request from the schedule

Deleting the leave from the employee’s profile seemed easy ? Well, it will be easy-peasy from the schedule !

Head to the Schedules tab, and select the week the absence is due :

  • Click on the absence

  • Select “Delete”, sorted ! 🪄

What impact does it have on the paid leave counter ?

Once the past paid leave which had been accepted is deleted, your employee’s counter varies.

Head to the HR tab > Paid leave configuration :

  • Select your location or directly look for your employee

  • Click on “See details” to display the action history : days acquired, taken and deleted !

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