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How does the day view work ?

The day view or the ability to manage your schedules down to the minute!

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How to create, edit or delete a shift from the day view directly ?

  • To create a shift:

    • Select the employee to whom you would like to add a shift

    • Select the label, indicate the beginning and end times, choose to add one (or more) breaks, choose to add meals and their type

    • Choose to add a note for the employee if need be

    • If this is a recurring shift, you can repeat it by choosing the other days of the week concerned

    • Save !

  • To edit a shift :

    • Click on the shift and edit the desired information

  • To delete a shift :

    • Select the shift

    • Click on “Delete”

How to edit the length of a created shift ?

  • You can choose to display your work force by hour or half-hour to schedule your teams more precisely.

  • By extending or reducing the selected shift, you can easily adjust its duration.

Good to know : if break times have been added when creating the shift, then the break will be directly visible from the daily view (with a grey rectangle in the shift) and the employee will not be counted in the workforce scheduled at this time.

How to move a shift from an employee to another ?

In case there is an unexpected event, the daily view will allow you to move a shift from one employee to another in record time !

  • Move your mouse over the shift and select the box with the dots.

  • Click and drag the shift to another employee

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