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Automatically generating my employee's ID number
Automatically generating my employee's ID number

The personnel numbers are usually generated by the payroll software, but it is also possible to generate them directly in Combo !

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Go to Settings > HR > Payroll:

  • Activate the option “automatically generate employee's IDs”

  • Enter a prefix with letters if necessary : it will be visible before the employee's number

  • You have the option to :

    • Delete and replace the already existing employees' IDs

    • Implementing the employee IDs generation automatically for new employees only. With that option, the employees' IDs are successive, you can choose to generate future IDs from a given number.

Good to know :

  • When creating a new employee, you can find the automatically generated employee ID in the profile. The employee ID can't be modified.

  • The numerical codes on Combo are composed of 4 numbers (for example: if you enter the number 35, the employee ID will be 0035).

  • You find an employee from the Team's search bar with their employee personnel number.

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