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Creating our shift in a couple of clicks !

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Your schedule is quite empty... rest assured, you'll be able to complete it in an instant!

To add a shift, press the "+" that appears when you drag over the rectangle of your choice. The shift creation window will open, now it's up to you!

  • Choose a label (corresponding to an item or task and previously created in the settings)

  • Indicate start and end times

  • Add (or not) one or more breaks and specify the time of those (if you wish)

  • Add (or not) one or more meals as well as the type(s) of meal(s) desired

  • Choose to put a note for the employee if needed

  • If this shift is recurring, you can repeat it by checking the relevant days of the week

  • Validate

What if my employee starts or ends their contract during the week?

Let's take Katie’s example: her contract starts on November 17th.

  • I create a shift for several employees starting on November 14th. Katie's contract has not yet started. Her name will not appear in the list of employees to add.

  • From November 17th, I create a new shift. I select the day of November 14th, which is not included in Katie's contract. A non-blocking alert appears. It warns you that no shift will be created for Katie, you will have to create it manually in a new shift.

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