How to set my productivity targets ?

We all know that productivity ratios are a key indicator for evaluating your company's performance. Let's set your objectives together !

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How to indicate your productivity ratios for all your locations ?

Head to Settings > Productivity

  • Edit the target according to your needs. By default, we indicate 50€/h, but you can define it to your objectives !

Good to know : You will find your weekly productivity for all your locations directly on the home page. If your target is obtained, it will appear in green 🟢, otherwise it will be in orange 🟠.

How to set your target for a specific location ?

Head to Settings > Locations & schedules > Select the location :

  • Fill in your targets for payroll and productivity.

Good to know : These targets enable you to plan your teams and keep an eye on the target with our analysis on the schedule.

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