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The analysis tab

Access your key indicators at a glance and manage your payroll costs and productivity ratios!

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Accessing Your Analysis Tab

Go to Schedules > select a team and a specific week:

  • Click on the 📈 icon at the top right to open the analysis tool

Good to know :

  • The figures associated with "Sales" correspond to your overall establishment, while the worked hours are customized to the selected team.

  • This is an estimate: Meal allowances (partially paid TR), health insurance, night shifts, Sunday, and public holiday surchages are not taken into account in the calculation.

Differences between budgetary/actual analysis and daily/weekly analysis

Budget analysis vs. Actual analysis:

  • The budget section helps you plan your schedules: input your projected revenue day by day to optimize your team planning.

  • The actual section is completed once the day has passed: compare and adjust your next projected budget accordingly!

Daily analysis vs. weekly analysis:

  • The daily section takes into account the total number of shifts worked in your team during the day.

  • The weekly section takes into account the total number of shifts worked in your team during the week, as well as any overtime or additional hours worked.

Understanding the data in the analysis tab

  • Sales: Revenues in euros, excluding taxes, associated with your overall location

Good to know : You can integrate your cash register with Combo for automatic inclusion of your sales. Learn more here 👈

  • Hours: The total number of planned or actual hours worked by your employees per day or week.

  • Productivity: The revenue generated per hour by your location. This metric is not contingent on individual salaries and can be shared without disclosing individual compensation.

    = Sales (€) / hours worked (h)

  • Total Payroll: The expenditure related to your employees for all daily or weekly shifts. Click here for detailed calculations !

  • Payroll ratio: The proportion of payroll costs relative to your sales. This factor influences your financial outcomes at the end of the month or year! On average, it's estimated to range between 20% and 40% (though certain industries may require more manpower)
    = Payroll (€) / Sales (€) * 100

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