How to delete an employee’s contract ?
You created an employment contract but you now need to delete it ? Don’t worry, we explain you how to do it !
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A contract was initially planned in the coming days, but it is finally cancelled and you need to delete it ? The process to delete will be different depending on the status of the contract (future contracts or current contracts).

If the contract has already ended, it will be possible to delete it only if no contract has been created afterwards, by following the same steps as for the current contracts. If you created the past contract by mistake and you don't have the possibility to delete it anymore, don't hesitate to contact us on the chat !

1) Delete an upcoming contract

Go to the employee’s profile :

  • Click on the upcoming contract;

  • Select "Delete" at the bottom.

2) Delete an ongoing contract

The current contract cannot be deleted directly, as it has already started. It will be necessary to pass it on to future contracts to delete it.

Go to the employee’s profile :

  • Click on the ongoing contract;

  • Edit the start date to choose a start date in the future

  • Save ;

  • The contract is now in the “Future contracts section”

  • Click on the upcoming contract

  • Select "Delete" at the bottom.

And if you want to extend your employee's contract, you can check this article 👈

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