How to create or modify a contract ?

Nothing is easier than creating or editing a contract than on Combo ! Here is the guide to do so !

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The information filled in the contract of you employee's on Combo is essential to optimise it's use. These elements will have an impact in the staff register, your scheduling, payroll calculations as awell as the payroll ratios.

1) Creating a contract

When adding a new employee, you have to fill in different elements (contract start date, type of contract, weekly work times, default establishment). Some of these elements will be require when creating the profile.

To fill in the information for an employee's contract, lets head to the profile :

  • Click on "New contract"

  • Fill in the contract information, pay and marital status

  • Select the default location and team

  • Save

All done, the employee's contract is created ! 🎉

2) Modifying a current contract

To modify a current contract, click on the "fill-in" button :

  • Edit the desired information on the contact

  • Save

Good to know : If the information in the contract is within a locked pay period, you will have to unlock all the pay periods to the contract start date. This will amend the information in previous payroll reports.

To find out how to generate a contract with the document templates, it's right here 👈

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