Paid leaves
How are they calculated? How do I fill them in?
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How are paid leaves calculated?

Paid leaves depend on the calculation basis of your establishment (working or business days). In the payroll report, the number of paid leaves indicated will also depend directly on this configuration. We explain you the difference in this article.

On the schedule, the duration of the paid leaves is calculated on the basis of the weekly contract of your employees. If the weekly work time of your employee is 35 hours, we divide this value by your paid leave settings (5 if you are in business days or 6 if you are in working days), then we multiply the result by the number of days taken. You have the possibility to revalue this duration, we explain it here.

For example: Abby has a 42h/week contract. She takes 5 days of paid leave and her establishment works in business days. We will have (42 / 5) x 5 = 42 hours.

How do I fill in paid leaves ?

Combo makes it easy for everyone to request paid leave.

You can make your paid leave requests quickly and handle all requests with clear visibility of your workforce.

1) How to request paid leave ?

Go to your profile (via the web or the mobile app) :

  • Click on "+ Leave Request"

  • Choose the type of absence requested (paid leave, unpaid leave, family event, one-time unavailability)

  • Select the absence dates

  • Add a note if needed

  • Save

2) Check your employees' requests for paid leave

You can access the time-off requests from your menu (by clicking on your name in the upper right corner) or from the notification bell if requests are in progress :

  • View the current requests and the absences already scheduled for the period requested by the employee

  • You can accept or refuse the request and leave a note for the employee concerned

  • In "Calendar", view all the requests to be processed, those accepted and created on the schedule for the month

  • In "Completed", find all the requests for paid leave, unpaid leave, punctual unavailability that have been sent to you and their processing statut : approved, deleted, refused, expired

    Caution : You have to check the schedule before accepting the request to make sure that no shift or absence are scheduled on the dates of the time-off in question. Otherwise the leave request will be automatically deleted

If you have accepted your employee's request for paid leave, but he.she got the date wrong, go to this article to know how to proceed !

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