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How to have several teams in the same establishment ?
How to have several teams in the same establishment ?

Do your establishments consist of different teams, all with their schedules and organization? Let me explain to you how it works!

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Many of you may work with several schedules for different teams. It allows you to lighten your schedules, to have a better visibility and to assign one manager per team (so that they manages the schedule!).

Creating several schedules?

➡️ Go to Locations & schedules :

  • Choose the establishment in which you want to add your different schedules

  • Click on "Scheduling"

  • Select "Edit" in the "Manage schedules" part

  • Create as many schedules as you need. You can rename them directly.

Good to know : if you want to delete a schedule, you can click on the trash can right next to it !

And now, it's up to you ! 👏

If you want to plan an employee on several schedules, it's possible ! You can learn how to right here 👈

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