The different status and how to update them

Administrators, Managers, Directors and Employees, want to know the differences between each role? We explain it here!

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Roles in Combo allow you to hierarchize your organization. The admin will obviously have more rights than a director, who will have more rights than a manager and finally the employee will have the role with the least rights.

Discover here the main differences between admins, directors, managers and employees!

The Administrators:

The administrator can do almost everything: manage the subscription, the account settings, manage teams, schedules...etc. They will not be able to change the contract, the scheduling or the rights of another admin though. Only the owner will be able to do it, to know more, go here!

The Directors :

The directors, unlike the admins, don't have access to the account settings and can't manage the subscription.

They can :

  • Access to the HR Dashboard (optional).

  • Access to the Total Payroll Analysis Dashboard (optional) but he can’t see other directors and admins’ wages.

  • Create, modify & publish schedule.

  • Modify a published schedule, validate actual hours, invalidate actual hours, revalue absences (in the profile options).

  • Create and manage employees’ accounts. He has access to employees and managers’ profiles of his company. He doesn't have access to the other directors and admins’ information.

  • Manage the planning of their own location on other location (optional in settings).

  • Can be removed from schedule if necessary (in the profile options)

  • Can delete profiles (in the profile options)

  • Access to payroll, time clock and activity reports.

  • Can create/lock/unlock a pay period but can't delete it.

  • Access to the settings of his location.

The Managers :

The managers, unlike the directors, don't have access to the location's configurations, nor to the activity report and can't delete an employee.

They can :

  • Have access to the home dashboard of their team.

  • Have access to the analysis payroll (optional), but will not see the salary of other managers/directors/admins.

  • Create, modify and publish unpublished schedules.

  • Modify a published schedule, validate actual hours, invalidate actual hours, revalue absences (in the profile options).

  • Create/manage employee accounts (in the profile options). They have access to the profile of their team members and don't have access to the information of the other managers/directors/admins.

  • Can be removed from schedule if necessary (in the profile options)

  • Access to the payroll and time clock reports of his team(s) (optional in the settings)

  • They can't lock/unlock/delete pay periods, but can create them.

The Employees :

The employee role is the least accessing role. It have no operational access (reports, settings, analysis, etc.)

They can :

  • See who is working in the team today on the home dashboard and on the schedule (optional in settings).

  • See the counters of the scheduled and actual hours on the schedule (optional in the settings).

  • Declare their actual hours (optional in the location's configurations).

  • See the emails and phone numbers of other employees in the team (optional in the settings)

  • Modify their personal information in the beige banner.

  • Make a time-off request.

  • Check their CTO balance (from a PC).

  • Consult their attendance sheets (optional in the settings).

  • Add/view documents on their profile.

In short, an admin can do everything and an employee not much 😉 If you want more details between a manager and an director we explain more here.

Change the status of an employee

💡 This option is only available to directors or administrators.

From the employee's profile in the bottom section "Access and rights", you can change his status to employee, manager, director or admin.

Directors cannot nominate an admin, but admins can nominate other admins.

It is not possible to demote a role similar to yours.

Example: a director can't demote a director to manager, and an admin can't demote an admin to director.

If you would like to do so, ask the owner or just send us a message via the chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen 💬 !

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