Differences between manager and director

Manager or director, you are hesitating? Don't worry, we'll explain the differences between these two access right !

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There are several differences between a manager and a director status. The three main ones being that :

  • The manager only has access to their team, while the director has access to the teams of the entire location.

  • The manager may not have access to the employees' profile and therefore to the total payroll (optional).

  • The manager may not have access to the "Report" tab (optional)

Here we detail the differences on each feature of the app !

Dashboard and analysis table:

On the analysis, manager and director see the same thing, except for the total payroll (optional).


  • Managers who don't have access to team info, don't see the total payroll or payroll ratios at all.

    Managers don’t see the salary of directors/admins or other managers in the total payroll.

  • Directors see managers' salaries in the total payroll but not those of other directors/admins.

On the Home Dashboard, directors see all sections.

Managers only see the sections :

  • Monthly ins / outs

  • Who's working today

  • Absences

  • Staff register (only if the option to access the employee profile is enabled)

Scheduling :

These options are available to both manager and director :

  • Edit a published schedule and validate actual hours

  • Invalidate actual hours

  • Revalue absences

Team :

Unlike the director, the manager :

  • Can't disable or delete an employee (optional for the director)

  • Can't change the status of another employee.

  • May not have access to employee profiles (option). In this case, he will also not be able to create a new employee.

Note: In all cases, managers and directors never have access to profiles of the same level and higher.

Report :

In contrast to the director, the manager if access is enabled to this tab (option):

  • Doesn't have access to the activity report

  • Only see the payroll report of his team.

  • Only see his team's time-clock report.

  • Can't unlock or lock a pay period

The two roles cannot delete a pay period but both can create it.

Time off management:

  • Managers receive and can manage time off requests from N-1 employees in their team.

  • Directors receive and can manage time off requests from N-1 and N-2 employees throughout the location ( no matter the team).

  • A manager can't manage their own time off request while a director can.

HR Dashboard

  • A manager has no access to the HR Dashboard.

  • It's an option for the director.


Here you go, you know everything 🤓

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