What is the "Owner" role?

On Combo, you have several access: employee, manager, director, admin and owner. We’ll explain here the last one !

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The Owner role on Combo corresponds in every way to the Admin access, with the only difference that a person with Owner access can demote a person with Admin access. Owner access is possible only for one person per account.

This possibility is essential when an admin leaves the company and you have to deactivate their access by following the steps just here 👈

How to demote an admin?

  • On the employee profile, scroll down to the very bottom to the access table.

  • Choose employee, manager or director access.

How to give Owner access to another person?

If you leave the company, or if you simply want to give the Owner access to another admin, feel free to contact us through the chat bubble (bottom right) so that we can do it for you !

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