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Annual smoothing or modulation, each to their own method
Annual smoothing or modulation, each to their own method
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Annual smoothing allows you to adapt your teams' working hours to the rhythm of your business, whether you're in a busy period or an off-peak period !

Are you interested in monthly smoothing only ? Head here 👈

This is a practice that is not governed by the Labour Code, but which is nonetheless tolerated !

Each week, the difference in hours over or under the employee's contract time is calculated.

These variations accumulate as the weeks progress.

At the end of the year (or period if the employee finishes his contract earlier), the employee's total balance is added to the EVP of the accounting export.

And modulation ?

Modulation also allows you to adapt your employees' working hours to suit the company's activity. It is governed by an agreement (branch or company agreement).

Your modulation agreement defines the reference period (from 4 weeks to 3 years), the upper and lower limits between which working hours may vary, and the total number of hours to be worked over the period (example: 1607 hours for a 35-hour week over one year).

During this period, the employee may have to work either more or less than 35 hours per week, depending on the company's activity. The aim is to reach the number of hours to be worked at the end of the period ⏰

At the end of the year, if the employee has worked more hours than planned, the difference is counted as overtime.

For example : if an employee has worked 1,630 hours compared with the 1,607 hours initially planned, 23 hours will be counted as overtime, with additional pay according to the collective agreement.

To sum up :

  • Do you have a company agreement? Then modulation is for you! Go here to create your period !

  • You don't have an agreement and simply want to better manage the hours worked by your employees between your peak and off-peak periods? Then annual smoothing is the solution, go here to create your period 👍

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