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Integrating your cash register with Combo
Integrating your cash register with Combo

Link Combo to your cash register and keep track of your productivity and payroll ratios.

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Did you know ? With Combo, you can send your revenues (excluding VAT) directly to your schedule, so you can monitor your ratios and manage your business more effectively !

Go to Settings > Marketplace :

  • Click on the till of your choice

  • Follow the steps to integrate the selected checkout

Carré Pos

  • Activate the integration when you request a license on Carré Pos.

  • Enter your Carré Pos login on our marketplace.


  • Contact their customer service to obtain your login URL.
    You can tell them your name, the name and address of your company and the name of your establishment when contacting them !


  • Enter your shop's URL (without /admin: `**`) and your Izipass login.

  • Contact customer service if you no longer have this URL.


  • Contact your Innovorder project manager or their customer service to obtain your credentials


  • Access your L'Addition space > Partners

  • Select "Combo" or "Snapshift"

  • Generate the partner key and copy it

  • Paste it on Combo


  • Use your Lightspeed credentials (K Series version only)


  • Contact Menlog to receive your access token and website credentials

Pi Electronic

  • Contact your sales representative to obtain the necessary keys


  • Use your Tiller logins to connect it to Combo


  • Head to your Zelty back-office > Marketplace > Select "Combo"or "Snapshift"

  • Click on "Activate" and copy the API Key in the Info section.

  • Enter your partner key on Combo

  • Link each establishment to the correct identifier

Integrating a till that isn’t managed by Combo

We offer an API to connect your cash register to Combo.
This option is part of the People Plan.

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