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Legal modulation: export my employees' counters to date
Legal modulation: export my employees' counters to date
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As an owner, director or manager (if you have access to the payroll report), you can download from Reports, an export of your teams' modulation balances (at download date).

Good to know :

  • The export is downloaded in Excel format and indicates the modulation balance at the download date in decimal hours.

  • Only owners have access to modulation data for all employees.

What are the fields in the export ?

  • Personnel number, surname and first name

  • Establishment linked to the employee's contract

  • Type and period of working time organization: smoothing or legal modulation

  • Employee contract dates

  • Weekly work time

  • Floor and ceiling (for modulation)

  • Total hours to be worked (for modulation)

  • Total hours worked to date (from export download)

  • Total hours worked over the period

  • Employee balance to date (on current week when export is downloaded)

  • Employee balance over the whole period

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