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How to transfer a shift from one team to another?
How to transfer a shift from one team to another?
You have planned an employee on a schedule but you want to transfer this shift to another team? We’ll explain the process !
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Moving a shift to another location or another team is only possible for future shifts. For current or past shifts, you have to create the shift again on the selected location.

💡 Good to know :

  • To move a shift from one team to another, the employee must be schedulable on their original location or team, as well as the location or shift where the position should be moved.

  • To transfer the shift, the manager or director must also have access to either both teams or locations.

Once the employee is scheduled on both teams, go to the schedule and click on the upcoming shift to be transferred:

  • Click on “Move this shift to another team”

  • Select the location and team to which the shift must be moved

  • Add the label of your choice

There you go you are sorted ! 😊

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