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How do I create and generate my document templates?
How do I create and generate my document templates?
Contracts, amendments, certificate of trial period… You can create them on Combo very easily !
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Creating employment contracts has always been complicated and let’s be honest, a big waste of time. What if you could create templates to use for all your employees? We'll explain you how to do it here 😎

In Preferences, turn-on the work contracts creation option :

1) Fill in your variables by location (optional)

If you have multiple locations or if you want to fill in information specific to your location, you can configure them individually.

  • Select "Variables by location"

  • Click on "Manage variables" for the location you want to fill in

  • Indicate the civility, surname, first name and capacity of the person at the head of the location; the name and registration number of URSSAF, the name of the occupational medicine, pension fund, provident fund and Health Insurance.

  • Save.

2) Customize your document with Combo variables

You can copy and paste our variables directly into your word processing software (Pages, Word, Libre Office, Open Office...).

  • Open your document on your text editor and format it as you wish (font, size, color, add images...)

  • On Combo, select "Global Variables" and click on the variable to copy it

  • Then paste the variable into your document (to go faster, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V on PC or command + V on Mac)

Note: In the case of as amendment you can select the date variables corresponding to the beginning and end of it:

Once your document is complete and variables are added, you'll be able to import it directly to Combo! 🎉

3) Import your document to Combo

  • Click on "Add a template"

  • Name your document

  • Choose your document to import

  • Save

Note: The document format must be .docx 👉 When you save your document, you can export it to the correct format

4) How do I edit an already existing template

To modify a template that has already been created, you’ll need to properly re-download it to make all the changes before importing it again.

Go to your Template List:

  • Download the document for editing

  • Edit the document in your text editor

  • Select "Edit" on the document you want to change and import the new document

  • Save

5) Generate the document in the employee profile

Go to the employee profile:

  • Click on "Create a document"

  • Choose the document template to generate and the relevant contract or amendment

  • Click on "Generate the document"

That's it! The variables will be automatically replaced with the employee's informations!

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