How do I delete or deactivate an employee's account ?
An employee has finished his contract and is no longer with the company? We'll explain the steps to follow!
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When an employee is no longer with the company, we strongly advise you not to delete their account. By deleting an employee's account, you lose their entire history: their schedules as well as their information in the Personnel Register.

Good to know : The employer is obligated to keep an employee's information in the Staff Register for up to 5 years after his departure.

How to terminate an employee's contract

When an employee leaves your company, two steps are necessary: terminate their contract and deactivate their access. Go to the employee's profile:

1) Terminate the employee's contract so they no longer appear on schedules

  • In the case of a CDD, Seasonal, Apprenticeship, Extra, Temporary, Trainee contract: Enter the end date of the contract.

  • In the case of a CDI contract: Click on "End this contract"

If this message appears, it means that shifts and/or absences are scheduled after the chosen end date of the contract.

You then have 2 options:

  • End the contract and delete all shifts and rests following that date. This choice permanently deletes the shifts.

  • End the contract and transfer all shifts and rests to a new contract (ex : if the employee moves from a short-term contract to a permanent contract).

2) Disable the account so that he no longer has access to it:

In either case, be sure to deactivate his account: he will no longer have access to Combo and will no longer appear in the list of active staff.

Go to the very bottom of the employee's profile and uncheck "Access Activated":

Note: If the employee has the same or higher access than you, then you won't have the access to disable it.

You have created an employee by mistake?

Go to the bottom of the employee's profile and click on "Delete Employee".

Caution: deleting the employee is final and irreversible

Good to know : Deleting an employee is only accessible for admins and directors (if this permission is enabled).

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