How to set up my collective agreement ?
Let us explain how to set up your account with your collective agreement, in just a few clicks !
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👉 The collective agreement settings allows Combo to take into account the markups (overtime hours, holidays, Sunday, night hours and so on) in the in the Payroll report and gives you warnings about the scheduling constraints related to yours.

Note : alerts on the schedule can only be viewed by managers, directors and admins. They do not block the schedule and can be hidden in the schedule display settings.

👉 In order to set up your collective agreement, let’s go to your Settings > Collective agreement. Select your collective agreement and the industry code for each of your establishments.

👉 And if you don’t find your collective agreement in the list, no worries, we invite you to contact us on the tchat (via the little bubble at the right corner of the page) and tell us your collective agreement and industry code and we will be able to add it to the list !

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