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How do I connect my cash register to Zelty ?
How do I connect my cash register to Zelty ?

Link Combo to Zelty and monitor your productivity and payroll ratios in the best possible way 🎉

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By integrating your till, your gross sales are automatically uploaded to Combo, enabling you to monitor your ratios. Every night, if your till has been properly closed, the sales made during the day are uploaded to Combo: all you have to do is consult them on your Analysis table!

Activate the link on Zelty and generate your key

Head to your Zelty back-office > Marketplace :

  • Select "Combo" in the list of future partners. It may still be displayed as Snapshift: if so, don't worry, you can select it !

  • Click on "Activate".

  • Once the integration has been activated on Zelty, you'll find the API key to be entered in Info !

Activate the link on Combo

Go to Settings :

  • Select Integrations > Marketplace > Cash register

  • Click on Zelty

  • Enter your partner key

  • Click on "Save

Link each Zelty ID to your Combo schedules

  • In the Cashier > Zelty configuration, link each establishment to the correct identifier

  • Click on "Save".

You've finished integrating your till with Combo! 🥳

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