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In order to not miss any HR events in your location(s), we send you automatic emails.

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The next scheduled medical exam, the end of a trial period, the expiration of a work permit of one of your employees ? You can easily get lost with all these dates ! With the help of these alerts, sent by email, you will not miss any other event.

Who receives these alerts?

Admins, directors and managers will be notified by email with their registered email address in their profile.

What types of alerts do you receive and when ?

  • End of a trial period period : You will receive an email 14 days and then 8 days before the end.

  • Medical exam : You will receive an email 30 days before the next scheduled visit.

  • End of a work permit : You will receive an email 30 days and 8 days prior to the expiration date.

To know : You have 2 types of medical check-up:

  • Classic medical check-up → every 5 years

  • Reinforced medical monitoring, which is divided into 2 stages:

    • an aptitude medical examination, which is renewed at least every 4 years, carried out by the occupational physician

    • an intermediate visit, carried out by a health professional, no later than 2 years after the visit with the occupational physician.

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