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The "Other payroll elements" tab indicates variables such as meal allowances and bonuses for example. We detail them in 6 points !


This counts the number of shifts planned on the schedule for which the option "Meals" has been marked, and also the type of meals selected. A quick reminder about the types of meals:

  • MA - Meal allowance (on-site meal : preferential fixed price)

  • BK - Benefit in kind (free meal : no cost to employee, social taxes can apply)

  • MT - Meal tickets

  • BB - Basket bonus (fixed allowance for outside meals)

Worked days

The number of days worked corresponds to the number of days with at least one shift / one absence Training / one absence Medical check-up visit during the pay period.

This column is useful to check the number of days worked by a contract in day package or to check if the number of worked days is equivalent to the number of meal vouchers.

Cut offs (Only with specific collective agreements)

This column is relies on the rules defined by the collective agreement. These breaks generate a bonus or compensation.

For example: In fast food restaurants in France: for each break of more than 2 hours for a part-time employee, a bonus equal to 70% of the guaranteed minimum is paid.

Trainings and medical visits

You will find the hours for the absences Training and Medical Visit specifically in these two columns.

Transport allowance

This column shows the amount of the transport allowance indicated in your employee's contract if you have filled it in.

For example: Katie benefits from a 30€ of transport allowances per month which will be automatically indicated in each pay period created.


A bonus can be added either from the payroll report or from the employee's profile.

We explain how to add them from the payroll report here, and from the employee's profile here.

Good to know: before you add them for your employees, you have to set the different types of bonuses up in the Settings > Locations & Schedules.

And if you would like to find out more about the tabs 'worked hours' and absences, head here or there ! 🔥

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