How to add a bonus to the payroll report ?

Target bonus, laundry bonus,seniority bonus ... ? Simplify their management and fill them in on Combo !

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On Combo, you can add bonuses for your employees in two locations :

  • From the payroll report

  • From their profile

In this article we'll explain how to add a bonus from your payroll report. 👍

Create a bonus

Head to Settings > Locations and Schedules > Your location :

  • In the Social Rules > Bonuses section, simply click on the "+ Add" at the top right to create a new bonus.

  • Choose the name you want to appear on your payroll report, the corresponding field in your payroll software and save !

  • Save

Good to know :

  • You don't have to specify the type of bonus. You can choose either.

  • From your Settings > Payroll, you can choose if the bonuses should be viewed by your employees or not :

Add a bonus to the payroll report

Head to Reports :

  • Select the concerned month and location

  • Click on the "Other Payroll Elements" tab

  • Add the bonus to one or more employees (if you have several pages of payroll reports, do it one page at a time!)

    • If you are adding the bonus to a specific employee, click on that employee's box : select the type of bonus, add the amount and confirm

    • If you are adding the same bonus to several employees, select the various employees, click on "Add bonuses/installments" at the bottom center: select the type of bonus, add the amount and confirm

Good to know :

  • The different bonuses will be added below each other, you can scroll over to see them all.

  • You can add, edit or delete a bonus with the help of the "+", the pen or little bin.

  • The bonus will always be indicated on the last day of your payroll report, whether it was added before or after that date.
    For example : my pay period is from the 25th April to the 29th May, my bonuses will be dated to the 29th May, regardless if I add them on the 20th May or 5th June.

  • Even if you delete your payroll report, the added bonuses will be saved : you will find them in your employees' profiles or when recreating your payroll report.

Find bonuses in the payroll exports

​The added bonuses will appear in different exports : in the spreadsheet report, in the EVP export, in payroll software export (ie. SILAE, Payfit...) and in the employee's profile.

  • In the accounting export :

  • In the EVP tab of your spreadsheet report as well as in the EVP export :

  • If you are using payroll software (SILAE, Payfit...), it will also be visible in the report associated with it :

Would you prefer to add the bonus directly from your employee's profile ? That's possible too ! We will go into details right here 👈 !

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