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CTO (Compensatory time off): Definition and settings
CTO (Compensatory time off): Definition and settings
What are the compensatory time offs ? How to set them up?
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What are the compensatory time offs (CTO)?

If your employees work overtime on a weekly basis, you have the option of turning it into compensatory time offs or "rests".

Can we set up CTO's in all businesses ?

Compensatory time off can't be used in all businesses. Please check with your collective agreeement or company agreement to make sure they are applicable to your establishment.

Which employees can beneficiate from CTO ?

👉 Only full-time contracts are eligible for CTO. This includes temporary contracts as well as permanent contracts with 35 weekly hours or more.

👉 For part-time contracts (temporary or permanent under 35 weelky hours), extras, temporary workers, interims and trainees, overtime and additional hours must be paid.

💡 Good to know : Compensatory time-off is considered as working hours on Combo. These CTO hours will appear in the worked hours on the schedule as well as the payroll report.

How to set up CTO?

By default, Combo applies the legal business rules. You can change some settings if you have a different practice.

These settings apply per location.

You can find them in Setting > Locations & schedules > Scheduling :

"Compensatory time offs: allow negative balance": By activating the option, you can plan rest in advance to an employee who has not yet accumulated enough CTO, in view of the next overtime hours they may work.

"Do not mark-up compensatory time offs": If you activate the option, then the compensatory time offs will not be increased. For 10 hours of overtime increased by 20%, your employee will get back 10 hours of CTO and not 12 hours.

🚨 This option is not retroactive: if you turn CTOs and uncheck this option later, the already transformed CTOs will not change.

Transform overtime hours into CTO or pay them ?

Les heures supplémentaires peuvent être transformées totalement ou partiellement en repos compensateur.

Overtime hours can be partially or totally converter into compensatory time-off.

Your employee has 10 hours of overtime compensated at 20%. You have 3 options :

👉 Pay 10 hours compensated at 20% so 12 hours.

👉 Transform the overtime into 12 hours of CTO.

👉 Mix the two options : for example, pay 5 hours compensated at 20% and transform the remaining 5 hours compensated at 20% (so 6 hours paid and 6 hours into CTO).

  • Compensatory Time off on Combo is considered actual work time. These CTO hours appear in the worked hours on the schedule and in the payroll report.

  • Not all companies are able to use CTO. We invite you to refer to your collective agreement or company agreement to find out the terms and conditions in force in your facility.

  • Overtime can be totally or partially turned: Your employee has 10 hours of overtime with 20% extra pay. You have 3 possibilities: → Pay 10 hours with 20% extra, that to say 12 hours. → Transform the overtime into 12 hours of CTO → Mix the 2 options: for example, pay him 5 hours with 20% extra pay, i.e. 6 hours, and turn 6 hours into CTO.

You don't know how to tranform overtime into CTO, it's right here.

You are joining us on Combo and some of your employees already have a CTO balance? To change their available balance, go here 👈

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