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How do I manage my payroll with Combo?
Manage CTO for your teams
CTO (Compensatory time off): Turning overtime into CTO
CTO (Compensatory time off): Turning overtime into CTO

Converting overtime into compensatory time off? Easy peasy!

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At the end of the month or your pay period, you can transform your overtime into compensatory time off from you payroll report (created in the Report tab)

The CTO tab in your payroll report

👉 Here are the different columns in the CTO tab :

  • Balance on: The balance of the last day of the current pay period (no change).

  • Planned to come: Compensatory time off planned on the schedule after the end of your pay period (e.g., my pay period is November 1-30, CTO planned after December 1 will be in this column).

  • To be paid: The number of hours you wish to purge. To learn more, go to this article.

  • Overtime: The repartition of the overtime worked by the employee according to the increases provided by the collective agreement. Here, it is 25% and 50%, but it depends on your agreement! By default, they are indicated "To be paid" but it's adjustable! Fill in the boxes "CTO" and "To be paid" with the number of hours you want in each category.

  • Total overtime to be paid: These are the overtime to be paid, including extra pay. When you purge the hours, they are also added in this column.

  • Total additional CTO hours: A summary of the overtime turned into CTO, including extra pay (e.g. for 10 hours of overtime with 20% extra pay, you will get 12 hours of CTO)

  • New balance : The new balance of compensatory rest with the changes applied.

Transforming overtime into CTO

👉 You can indicate in the 'CTO' column the nomber of overtime hours you want to convert into compensatory time-off for each employee.

👉 If you want to tranform in one click all of your employees overtime into CTO, you can click on 'All in CTO' at the top of the comlumn. 😉

Once all the changes have been made and saved, the overtime that has been transformed, will disappear from the "Hours Worked" tab.

We go from this :

To this :

Good to know :

  • Hours are always shown in decimals.

  • If the pay period is locked, changes aren't possible.

  • If the pay period is deleted, then it cancels the transformations made.

  • Transformation or purges are only possible for current contracts. If a contract ends, don't hesitate to make your changes before end of the contract!

  • If you don't want to increase the compensatory time off, you can modify your settings right here.

How the conversion into CTO appears in your employees counter

👉 In their compensatory time off counter history, you will find the transformation to date and the pay period concerned by it :

If you want to edit the available balance from your employees counter, it is possible. Find all the information here.

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