How to create and use my favorite shifts ?

If some of your shifts are recurrent, you can put them in "Favorites": a time-saver in your planning !

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The favorite shifts allow you to keep all your shifts at your fingertips to use as needed. Very handy and time-saving when you have recurring shifts from one week to another !

Head to the schedule > Select a team > click on the ⭐️ :

  • Click and drag an already created shift to the favorites bar to add it.

  • You can add as many favorite shifts as you wish from the favorite bar !

  • Insert the favorite shift into the schedule by clicking and dragging it from the favorites bar to the schedule

Good to know :

  • The favorites navigation bar is unique to each team

  • By default, the absence weekly rest is present in the favorites bar. It's the only absence that can be stored in the favorites bar

  • The breaks and meals scheduled for the shift remain stored within the favorite shift

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